Why George HW Bush is Important to my Life

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George HW Bush is my second favorite president. I don’t respect the man because of any political ideology I hold, as some assume; but because of my other job as a political scientist who studies the American Presidency. I am an Independent voter. I don’t agree completely with either major political party in the US. I feel it is important for everyone who visits my blog to know where I am coming from in every way I can. I want to be as honest and real with everyone as I can possibly be. This is the last time I plan to address my personal political ideology on my blog.

George HW Bush is my second favorite president because he is the president who signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law. This law dramatically levels the playing field for me, and the more than twenty million others like me; for that I will always be more than grateful to President Bush. The ADA is a landmark law , for me, because what dad told me at age four is validated by Congressional passage and the stroke of President Bush’s pen.

As elder President Bush got older, I grew to respect him even more because he exemplified what it looked like to never let a condition define you or stop you from living life on your own terms. He did all of what I just mentioned with: grace, dignity, unshakable faith, incredible intelligence, and, by all accounts, a razor sharp wit. Thank you, Mr. President. I hope you continue to rest well with your beloved wife after a job well done and life well lived. I’m honored to continue to follow your incredible example.

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