When Building A New Life Means Doing More With Less

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The pandemic gave me lots of time to think how to build a new life for myself in all aspects. At first, it was disorienting and stressful. Then I decided to make the best of an unprecedented situation. I read the Bible, prayed, read other books that gave me permission to dream, listened to music, and watched movies I love. My creativity was fed in a way it had not been maybe ever. This blog’s traffic grew and continues to; because you all respond to me being me Realizing I should have just have been myself entire life was freeing in ways I did not expect.

It lit a fire in spirit and gave me permission to reimagine every part of my life. Having so much stuff I no longer use, need or want pushed me to clean out my apartment. CDs were the first place I began. Music is a huge part of my life, but streaming service and digital downloads changed the
I listen. After my music: the movies’ and TV shows I own got the same treatment due to streaming services and owning digital copies. My filing cabinet is cleaned out as well.

The makeup and skin care I use was not something I expected to get cleaned out Much of it had lost its color punch or dried up from lack of use last year, however, providing me an opportunity to try and do more with less. Discovering I could made me happy. A money saver, but also a way to treat my very sensitive, allergy prone skin better. The exact skin care and makeup I use is another blog post for another day.

My clothes and linen closets are next on my list to clan out. I will donate everything worth donating, from both closets, to a wonderful local non-profit that uses donations to help those in need in my community. I plan to donate CDs, DVDs, and books that I no longer want, or are on my Kindle app to my local public library to help my community as well. This is yet another way to put my faith into actual action. I will keep y’all updated as I go about cleaning out my apartment just like I do with my health and wellness journey.

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