Learning How to be Healthy and Well Part 3

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This post is an update on my health and wellness journey. Discoveries last week about how my body handles my condition led to this update for y’all. I have had my condition since birth. I fought to live because that’s who I am in my spirit: a fighter. I was officially diagnosed at a year old. There were no facts my neurologist could give my parents other than the diagnosis. Everybody is different because every person is different. I say all that to get here: I am still learning about my specific experience with CP. A few days ago, I felt awful. What the heck is wrong with me I wondered? I started taking inventory and got answers:

I skipped one daily dose of vitamins because they require a full meal and I forgot to take them at lunch time. I had them in my medicine bag in my purse. It was with me at lunch. I thought it would not make a difference. It did. I will not skip a dose again.  I take Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E every day. They help so much. Vitamin B6 helps my nerves communicate better with each other. I do not really know what Vitamin E does particularly for my condition, but my doctor recommended them in combination with each other.

 My blood sugar crashed despite snacks between meals a couple of times last week. I thought my body was mostly past this, now, but no. Low blood sugar headaches were a part of my teenage years when I had growth spurts. They are due to forgetting to eat regularly when I get busy or stressed, now, however. Message received loud and clear: snacks with actual food value it is from here on out between meals.  I had three potato chips one day and a few chips and queso dip another. Now, it is a fruit and yogurt smoothie or vegetables with dressing instead. Wheat crackers are also an option.  

The air quality index is something I must pay attention to as well. My bronchial tubes, lungs, and allergies demand I pay very close attention. The heat index requires my close attention, too. I cannot get overheated. Hydration is key as well.  Even if the delta variant was not a consideration for me despite being fully vaccinated (because of my sensitive lungs) the last few days: I would have worn a mask outside anyway because I do not want pneumonia ever again if I can help it.

I can, do, and will continue to proactively help myself stay healthy and well. Learning and putting self knowledge into practice is a form of self care, too. It is vital that we listen to our bodies. Giving them what is needed, so we feel our best and live our best lives, daily. As I gain more insight into what being healthy and well looks like for me: I will provide updates as needed.

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