More Tips to Keep You and Your Love Ones Safe From Hackers + Scammers

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I want to share more tips I use to keep myself and those I love as safe as possible in our digital interconnected world. Consider these a form of self-care as well. These are in no particular order.

  1. I do not use the iCloud or google docs to store documents, pictures, or other data: I use click free instead. Click free is external storage device that I use on both computers. Each time I run it on either computer it changes itself to match the hard drive, it changes itself automatically to reflect my changes on the hard drive. My click free is very large. I will never run out of room. You can buy a click free at Best Buy.
  2. No address/phone number on social media
  3. I do not let strangers on my personal Facebook: that is my only personal account where I use my last name and it is private.
  4. Twitter has a lot of minors and others who experience abuse be careful what you click on because some things that seem fine are anything but. Thanks to my friend Cam,@gainsarianafans, on Twitter for this tip.
  5. Be aware of Twitter bots who are hackers.
  6. At night when I shut down my laptop, I always shut the lid so no one can hack into my webcam and watch me sleep.

I hope these tips further help y’all stay safe. If I think of any more I want to share I will write another blog post to share them as well.

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