One of my Keys to Living A Full Life

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If you read this blog regularly, you know my chosen brother/journey partner calls me polar bear. I wrote about the nickname in an earlier blog post you can read by clicking on the link: The polar bear part of my personality is my other gear.

It is where my determination kicks in usually due to someone making me truly angry by being ugly and/or mean. I am very sweet and kind until someone does what I just mentioned. I wrote what follows as a note on my personal Facebook years ago. These are situations causing me grow into and embrace my inner polar bear. I like to think I am pretty good at embracing my inner polar bear, now. Doing so is a key to my living a full, thriving, life. These situations are listed below in no order:

  1. Strangers telling me how important their faith in Christ is to them.  Then in the same breath telling me that because of my CP I am un-natural and wrong to be out in public, or even alive. I do NOT take kindly to these comments. I am literally not supposed to be alive. A literal miracle is what I am. Their comments do not reflect the God, or Jesus I know and serve at all.
  2. Being called names no woman should be which, I will not repeat here, because I am strong, know exactly what I want, and won’t settle for anything less. This is NEVER acceptable PERIOD.
  3. People giving me advice I didn’t ask for. Thereby, doing their best to make me question my journey as well as myself.
  4. Going back to where I grew up and going past my high school: this brings back lots of unpleasant memories, and some good ones too, but makes me reflect on how far we’ve come. I say we, because I didn’t do this alone, and never have to. Thank God for everybody who walks through life with me and will continue to. I’m blessed to have you all in my life. Y’all keep me from losing my mind and temper. I love every one of you so much.  I’ve found looking back is much easier than looking forward sometimes because our instincts tell us to wallow instead of looking forward. I’m determined to keep moving forward, not back. To keep playing ball every day because the alternative is NOT an option. 

If I keep getting my feelings out, instead of internalizing them, and talking stuff out when I need to; I will be better than okay: I will continue to thrive.

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