How My Condition Impacts my Choices NOT my Full Life

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This is a post dedicated to my clothing, hair, and purse choices. All of these choices are made with my condition in mind, but also so I can life the fullest way possible. These choices are all ways I show myself care. They are in no particular order:

1. I don’t own a dress. I own one skirt. It has an elastic waist band, so it is comfortable and easy to get on and off.

2. I wear jeans and jean shorts all with elastic all around like the skirt and for the same reasons.

3. I wear t-shirts. I don’t want to show skin. As I get healthier, gain muscle and loose more fat. This will be the case…always. In addition: I cannot do buttons, well.

4. I made the decision to cut my hair off in middle school. My hair is too thick to ever be long again. My long hair was way too hot. It used to take an hour to dry with the hair dryer. Now, it takes 10 minutes if I use the dryer at all.

5. Heels? Not with my balance…I’d break multiple bones trying to stay upright

6. I’m a purse girl. They must have a crossbody strap, have zippers instead of other types of closures and last years.

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