Even More Tips to Keep You and Your Love Ones Safe From Hackers + Scammers

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I told you all a few blog posts ago I would share more tips as I had them to share. I do now. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Turn off your phone at last once a week to help keep hackers from figuring out your password/code. This is not my tip. It came from a cyber security expert interviewed on my local news. I imagine this applies to tablets/iPads/MP3 players/iPods as well. I turn my phone off nightly unless there is a need not to for better sleep, but this tip is an added reason to do so.
  2. This one is for my fellow iPhone users. I have previously told you all I do not use iCloud. That is still true and always will be. I use click free instead. It is an external storage device you can purchase at Best Buy. Given the recent news about changes to Apple’s privacy policy I am even prouder to say that. For those that do not know here are some articles to catch up on what I am talking about.

The articles are as follows:


B. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2021/08/09/apple-is-not-spying-on-your-imessages-and-this-one-switch-stops-it-scanning-your-photos/?sh=49ac8825605f

The second article I listed gives me the most clarity and comfort I have found in all the articles I read, but it does not give step by step instructions for disabling your iCloud photo backup if you want. The step by step instructions to-do so are below:

i. Go to settings and tap your name

ii. Find iCloud on the menu and tap it

iii. Once in the iCloud menu: you’ll be able to choose what, if anything, you want iCloud to keep a record of going forward. I toggled off/turned off everything because my privacy is not something I am to willing compromise. What I decide to share and with whom should ALWAYS be my choice and now it is again.

As always with these particular blog posts: if/when I have more digital/online safety tips to share with all of you, I will share them; because I consider these posts to be part of my self-care journey as well as helpful and practical for my readers.

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