How to Blog and Have a Life as Well

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Today’s post is a little different. I hope it proves usual, however. Learning how to blog well and post on multiple social media platforms can be difficult, tiring, and time consuming. Up until May of this year I felt like I was the proverbial on the wheel most days. I knew I didn’t want to hire companies or another person to help lighten my workload. This blog is my story and journey with my condition, after all. Nobody but me can tell it to the world.

That said, I was overworked and exhausted. Working seven days a week all hours will do that. I set out to figure out how to give y’all regular content and give myself opportunities for a break to have a life away from my computers and the social media apps on my phone. Giving myself a break is definitely a way to show myself care. I was able to take my first weekend mostly off since I started blogging starting on Friday night. How you may ask? Having a weekly to-do is so helpful. My brain works better and I feel less stressed when I make lists. I’ve been a list person since high school. Other solutions for my actual blog are as follows:

  1. Keeping a running list of blog post ideas in a word processing document. The list is on both my desktop and laptop.
  2. Having another document on both computers where blog posts are written. Sometimes, it’s just a few sentences until I am inspired to finish a particular post. Sometimes, it’s a complete post I copy and paste to a new blog post on WordPress.
  3. I post new posts at least twice a week, now, usually.

I’m going to break the rest of my tips, in this post, down by social media platform I use for the blog that I have tips for below.

  1. Facebook: using hashtags on every post is vital. Try not to use hashtags that have millions of posts associated with them because your posts will not be seen by as many people. Be creative.
  2. Twitter: What I said above about hashtags applies to all social media platforms. I always tell my followers when I am writing a new post. In addition, I copy and paste my reels and videos from Instagram to Twitter. Writer’s lifts are very useful too. They are when other writers/bloggers invite fellow members of the Twitter writing community to promote each other on a thread on their accounts. Take advantage and always say thank you for their kindness.
  3. Instagram: I came across a business mentor last week that helps bloggers and other entrepreneurs be successful on Instagram. She’s the real deal. Her name is Carla Beisinger. Her handle on Instagram is @carlabseinger. If you want to grow your blog or other business on Instagram: do yourself a favor and follow her. You’ll be happy you did.

As I learn how to blog better, I’ll share more tips with y’all, but I hope this first post of tips is a helpful start.

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