Learning How to be Healthy and Well Part 5

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On Friday morning when I turned my phone on, I had a message request from my first troll on Instagram. He invited me to follow him saying he was a personal trainer. What he said next, which I will not repeat here, told me he was just a troll instead of a business owner looking to recruit clients by offering to genuinely help them be healthier and feel better about themselves. This troll inspired a reel on Instagram. For those who don’t know reels are short videos on Instagram. These videos are a minute or less in length. I spoke directly to this troll without mentioning his account at all. He didn’t deserve the shoutout.

His hurtful words got me thinking though. How many times have trolls/bullies said something hurtful and then in their next sentence or breath offered to help with whatever they determined to be wrong with the person they were ugly to in the first place? How many times have all of us changed or rearranged our lives and/or ourselves in response to a troll or a bully? For me, the answer is a lot more than I would like to admit. Now a lot of these instances were as a young child and teenager which I understand are part of both the learning and growing processes.

What that troll couldn’t know unless he read my blog is that I exercise regularly: I try to daily for my health, well being and tone management. However, in the name of full disclosure I don’t always get around to it seven days a week because life is busy and often complicated by events out of my control. Workouts 4-5 days a week is me doing well. Regular readers know I’ve ben making a point to eat better as well. I love the changes I’m making because I feel and move better. I thought I would share some of my eating better and food swap tips below to help those also on their own health and wellness journey. They are in no order below.

  1. No potato chips and I love potato chips just so everybody knows
  2. Limit white bread and white sugar
  3. Pasta and potatoes in moderation. Both of these are comfort foods for me
  4. I love Mexican food but I try to avoid flour tortillas or if that’s not possible I have them on the side so I eat less
  5. lean meat is a must. Boneless skinless chicken breasts and no less than 93% lean ground beef. Mama and I prefer 96% lean ground beef.
  6. Limited sweets. I’m a chocolate lover so I didn’t give it up totally. I’ll have a piece of 70% dark chocolate for my chocolate craving. I’m prefer Lindt.
  7. I’ve almost completely given up soda. I had a little bit when I had a stomach bug a couple weeks back. I drink a lot more water and when I drink iced tea and coffee nether is very sweet.
  8. I do drink a glass of cranberry juice nightly to help keep kidney and bladder infections at bay, which are common for lots of people with CP including me
  9. I’ve given up almost all bacon and sausage as well except on rare occasions
  10. Lots fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have found their way into my meals and snacks

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