Learning How to be Healthy and Well Must Include Self-Care

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This post is going to be raw. The last two weeks have been constant really, really, hard things that my immediate family and my extended blood family have had to face. In them there has been a miracle, answered prayers, and finally a long-awaited answer. I am the family messenger. I have most everybody’s contact information. I don’t mind one bit being my family’s messenger. It is my pleasure. I also kept working on all things blog related. I LOVE my work, now. Wouldn’t trade a bit of it, or make a different choice. There is a but coming though. In all the craziness (plain ole) of the last two weeks: I forgot to take care of myself properly.

My general doctor and dermatologist preach the importance of stress management to me every time I see one of them. Stress management is vital to thriving with my condition. I know this, but the more hard things my family went through the last couple of weeks: the less stress management became a priority. Yesterday, I felt terrible. Woke up feeling that way. It clearly time to pay the piper for my lack of stress management and self care. The crash I knew was coming all day showed up last night in the form of what I term a CP spell. For those unfamiliar: CP spells are small seizures, but they feel like all over muscle spasms. They aren’t fun and hurt.

My neurologist has tried to trigger them many times. No such luck. Stress triggers them. As do hormone changes. My daily vitamin regimen has reduced the both the frequency and severity, greatly. However, the high stress circumstances of the last two weeks were too much for even regular exercise and my vitamin regimen to handle completely. Last night’s spell was mild and short thankfully, but it still happened.

What’s the solution to deal with spell after effects you may ask? Advil, food, and a good nights sleep. In my world, regular meals with real food especially meals with protein are vital to deal with spell after effects. That and sleeping in. My kind of CP makes me tired every day, but after a spell I’m even more tired than usual. I feel much better today, which is a reminder that self care is a vital part of thriving with my condition. I know that, but last night my body gave me a vivid refresher on just how important a part self care plays in my health and wellness journey, daily.

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