Lessons From the Pandemic: How to Navigate the World

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Starting to venture out little by little after being fully vaccinated for COVID and the flu is disorienting, honestly. This introvert has forgotten how to people. My doctor says I should take no unnecessary risks given my sensitive lungs. That means I am careful to mask up in most every situation outside my apartment. Last Wednesday was a welcome little bit of typical. It took over two years (for me) and two years for dad exactly, but we got our birthday dinners at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We went for a late lunch/early dinner. We sat in the corner and there were almost no other diners because of the time we went. Our server wore a mask as well, so we felt very safe. I didn’t take pictures like I thought about doing.

Instead, I soaked it all in. Marveling that we were back amongst some of my favorite smells in the world. However, I looked around thinking we made it. My parents and I made it. 2 years ago, I was staring down every horrible diagnosis incompetent doctor could utter and here I am healthy. My life away from my work (this) and all that goes with blogging and learning how to create a good life for myself has been difficult this last year plus. The last month or so has been especially difficult for my family. To be able to have a little safe fun was much needed.

On Thursday, I get fun take two. I’m calling it my birthday celebration part two. Can’t wait! Many of my favorite things will be present. It may take a while for the simple stuff I took for granted before the pandemic to not feel strange. Soaking it all up is what I plan to do from now on never taking a single seemingly ordinary outing for granted while still staying safe. As I write this, I can’t help but think maybe that’s some of the lessons out of the pandemic remembering how to soak it all in, be present, grateful, and just live taking in every day simple joys.

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