How to Not Play the Comparison Game

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A few days ago, I had a tough day. The perception is often I don’t have them. Nothing could be further from the truth. This day I was having trouble processing where I am in my life in terms of society’s standards. Reaching out to my oldest girlfriend, who is now my chosen sister, telling her how I was feeling was an incredibly smart decision. She listened with her usual patience. Skilled at dealing with my meltdowns that come from internal pressure she said something profoundly helpful.

“The comparison game is hard for everybody not just you, Stace. Tell me what you know about yourself.” I’m meant for more than a typical life. The fact that I’m here healthy with all my gifts is proof of that I told her with a heavy sigh. I just want a simple life, sometimes, honestly. I know was her response. However, I’m not meant for typical. God’s got big plans for me. Knowing that for a long time is so much pressure.

We talked about whether I was happy and felt like I was doing what I’m called to be doing. Yes, was my answer. She told me to try and give myself a break. We both know that’s difficult for me. Keep doing the work every day is key. Stop comparing myself to everybody is more important. Nothing good comes from that. She gave me a soft place to land and cry. Then the courage to get back up and move forward remembering I’m surrounded by love.  

The reason I want to share my rough day is so I can be an example of how to get through them well. If my experience can help one person not feel alone, I want to, and it is worth it. I never thought being myself was important. Having people connect with my story and journey shows me it is. Reminder to all of us (including me) don’t compare your life and journey to others. It only leads to darkness. Be completely yourself stepping into your light owning your truth scars and all. You never know who you might light the path for behind you and help be comfortable being themselves in the process.

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