How to Find Joy in Difficult Circumstances

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Having a tough last several weeks and still having tough stuff to face with my family got me thinking about joy. How to find it in tough times specifically. Finding joy is easy when life is going great, but when it’s not joy feels gone often. As a follower of Christ, the Bible says in James 1:2 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds […]” NIV ( Honestly considering all of the circumstances of my life away from blogging joy right now is tough.

Watching those I love hurt and struggle is hard. Knowing it’s in the hands of great doctors and the Great Physician and trusting the process is not easy not going to lie. I’ve asked God why a lot. My personality is help and to solve problems. I can’t really except in terms of offering my cell phone and doing anything else I can to lighten the load in these situations.  It’s difficult. The God I serve can handle my questions and lack of understanding. God isn’t mad because I ask questions. I’ve been asking God questions my entire life. The God I serve knows exactly how I was made, gave me curiosity and a helpful nature.

Through all my questions, frustrations, and very real fear I’m learning joy isn’t gone at all if I’ll just actively look for it and be open to it. These days I find joy in simple things. Joy costs very little it turns out. What do I mean you ask? I find joy in a FaceTime call, a phone call, or a text. Hearing or reading I love you from the people that do love me and know me best brings me joy. No, they can’t fix it, but they can go through the tough stuff with me loving me through all of it. Knowing they mean it is a huge source of joy and comfort.

I find joy in my work too. Being able to give hope to others through writing blog posts and creating content is incredibly fulfilling for me. It means the tough stuff I’ve gone through and continue to go through in my life had/has a purpose. It wasn’t ever in vain or for nothing. I find joy in the familiar these days too. What exactly do I mean? Dishes clattering as familiar smells fill the kitchen reminds me of Granny. As does singing along to a great song she loved or would love. Watching our favorite baseball team play so well in the playoffs reminds me of Granddaddy Kirk. All these things make them feel close bringing both joy and comfort. Learning joy exists no matter what is going on in life is a lesson I’m happy to learn and share with all of you for when life inevitably gets tough and confusing for each of you too.

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