How to Apply For A Post Office Box and Avoid Confusion

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This post is an e-mail list update. Planning for the first mail to go out tomorrow, I went to the post office to pay for my PO box and get the keys to my box. What I got instead was confusion. I had gotten a paper copy of the form to apply the last time I was at the post office. You can also apply for one at The paper form is the best option for me because I need to make sure I get a PO box rental low enough I can reach.

I filled the forms out before going to the post office yesterday. Filling out all the information asked of me and having two forms of ID, I thought it would simply be a matter of paying for the rental. I thought wrong. The woman at the counter had to get her boss to talk to me. This is never a good sign. The female manager on duty informs me because my voter registration card is from 2016, I need a current piece of mail with my name on it to further verify who I am and where I live.

Patiently explaining this was not in the directions on the form I filled out, she said I needed a piece from this week or no more than a week old to rent a PO box. The manger said again this was because my voter registration card was from 2016. “That is the last time the county voting office sent out new voter registration cards because that is when the entire county had their polling places changed, ma’am.” I explained feeling frustrated. She said she understood but she needed one piece of my mail. Asking if it could be junk mail she said yes.

I asked for another form because that one was already dated with yesterday’s date. Handing me one the manager apologized for the confusion. I told her it was okay because I was too tired to argue. It is anything but okay. However, I decided to document this in order to help someone else in need of a PO box skip the confusion. I will get my PO box sorted out in a few days, y’all. Fingers crossed the first e-mail goes out next Friday. I’ll keep y’all posted. If you would like to signup for my e-mail list and haven’t you can do so for free here:

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