Why Never Giving Up is Important

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The last two years have been difficult for everybody. Life outside of my work on this blog has been difficult pretty much since I pushed launch. The last few days have been no different. I’m very aware that most of you would never know such information until I said it. Two questions seem to need an answer after sharing that truth with you all. I’ll take them in turn. 1) If life is hard, how do find hope to write about? 2)Why do you write about hope when you could easily not?

I want to answer the second question first. That my story is ultimately one of hope is an act of defying expectations. My entire life people have told me I can’t. It’s a constant refrain. Living my life, the way I choose to by never giving up and seeing possibility where others see anything but is my way of rebelling against the naysayers. Every day I’m determined to make the world better is a day my critics are wrong and it’s a good day. I simply refuse to prove people right. Instead, I want to prove myself right.

I believe I can and am meant for a world changing life. When I see the blog and its various social media accounts growing daily, I know I’m right. I know when the crazy/beautiful journey started, it wasn’t the overactive imaginations of two creative kids. It was God putting my chosen brother/journey partner and I together on a path to change the world for the better. That knowledge strengthens my faith in myself, us, and God even on tough days when I cry and ask why. Knowing that I can always pick up my phone, send a few words to my chosen brother/journey partner or several others and they’d be here shortly if I asked makes me braver than I ever thought possible.

Writing about the challenges of life, and life with my condition, with hope and positivity is just who I am by nature. What I mean is if you were to have a conversation with me, you’d meet someone who has bad days, but chooses not to be defined by them. I refuse to allow those days to stop me or make me give up. It’s in my DNA literally. I’m my granddaddy Kirk’s granddaughter and that man never let Parkinson’s stop him from doing anything he wanted. Seeing it firsthand made me understand that was possible for me if I was just willing to try. By sharing my story and journey I want to show the world anything is possible if we’re all willing to try despite challenges and struggles.

If you are struggling and read my post: Know things get better. Please never give up on yourselves. The world needs you in it and is better because you are here. You are loved and matter. You are valid. I’m grateful for each of you. If you need to reach out to me, please do. This season of the year is a struggle for lots of people not withstanding what we’ve all lived through recently. If you or someone you love need suicide prevention resources in the US, please visit: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

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