How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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I’ve struggled with writer’s block the last few days. It was a surprise because it’s not something I struggle with typically. Turning this negative into a positive is something I want to do, so I thought I would share tips for how to get over writer’s block. They are below and in no order.

  1. Free write: what means I write down whatever comes to mind. I think I got some good future blog posts out of this.
  2. Write in my journal: this is helpful to get my frustration out in a healthy way
  3. Read fiction. I find myself using audible for books that inspire me because something about being read to calms me down
  4. Watching one of my favorite movies
  5. Singing always helps
  6. Listening to my favorite music. Sara Bareilles wrote a song about writer’s block. It’s called “Uncharted.” You can listen here:

7. Hugging my dog Coco always helps

8. Making sure I have eaten. If I haven’t eaten all day my writer’s block gets worse.

I hope these tips help my fellow writers keep being creative.

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