How Appreciating the Simple Things Makes for A Beautiful Life

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Since the start of the pandemic, my immediate family and I have had to be really careful about what we do. We do our best to stay out of crowds as much as possible and still wear a mask when we go out most places along with being fully vaccinated and boosted. All of this is necessary because someone in my immediate family is on immune system suppressing medicine.

Last weekend my dad suggested lunch with him on Monday because my mom was having dental work done and he be on his own. I happily excepted because dad and daughter time is less these days. We decided to go eat after the lunch rush so we were seated at a table around 3 o’clock.

It was lovely because we were the only ones on our side of the restaurant. We both felt very safe. Lunch was wonderful! It felt great to have some time with dad out in the world. As I ate my delicious meal, I realized how grateful I am for just the simple things now.

Stuff has never mattered much to me and it matters even less now. After what we’ve all been through the last couple of years, I just want to appreciate the simple things and the people I love. That’s how the most beautiful life is created by appreciating the people we love and the simple things.

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