Why A Positive Outlook is Important for a Full Life

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My outlook on life is absolutely a choice. I knew from a very early age I had a choice every day when I woke up as to how I was going to approach my condition. My granddaddy, who the world called Kirk, made sure I knew it was a choice. Kirk led by example. For those who don’t know, Kirk had Parkinson’s disease my whole life with him.

He never complained that I knew. Kirk just got on with living his life. The life he lived was to the fullest with a positive attitude. What a gift his outlook was for me. I knew if he could do it so could I. The watch me do what you think I can’t part of my personality comes from Kirk. I hope he’s proud of me and the life I’m creating now. I think he is. Before he went to heaven, he poured every piece of advice he wanted me to know and reiterate into a teenage me. That conversation was one of his last. That conversation changed my life and planted the seeds for this blog.

The one part of Kirks wisdom that I want to pass on to all of you is we can either do the best we can with what we’ve been given or we can give up. If you are thinking of giving up on whatever please don’t. Please keep trying. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be helpful, but please know that a lot of life is beautiful and worth living. I believe the more positive outlook we actively put in the world: the more we get out.

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