Why Tough Days are Important

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Friday, I had a tough CP day. My tough day wasn’t because I was in pain. The toughness came from being in my head too much and being frustrated because I couldn’t move the way I wanted to. The reason I was frustrated was because I knew how I wanted my body to move but it wouldn’t cooperate. This led to frustration and tears on my part. When I cry tears of frustration on bad CP days, hugs really help. I really enjoy cuddles and hugs from my dog Coco. She reminds me that her love is unconditional no matter how frustrated I am at my CP or any other thing in my life.

Believe it or not crying out my frustration really makes me feel better. It’s a really good way to not let my frustration turn into anger. My mom listened to what was bothering me and assured me that what I was thinking wasn’t what was going on. I often make things worse in my head then they are. My academic training makes this worse. Talking it through with mom helped a lot as well.

I know tough days are not specific to me. Everybody has them. It’s a part of life and being human. What matters about tough days is how we come through them. Frustration is fine but you shouldn’t let that frustration turn to anger. anger is not productive. Frustration simply means we must find another way to do things. It is an opportunity for using creativity. Tough days are an opportunity to solve problems. They are also an opportunity to change our perspective. how we think about something really does impact how well we come out the other side.

What I’ve learned through having CP my whole life is to not let tough and bad days define who you are. They are simply learning opportunities and bumps in the road. Tough days will pass. Things will get better. Coming out the other side of tough days are an opportunity to help others do the same. it is an opportunity to share wisdom with those who are going through tough times. I honestly believe tough days are part of life because it’s an opportunity to help others who are going through similar circumstances. When I think of tough days through the lens of helping others it makes them worth it. I hope my thoughts on tough days help change your perspective on them as well.

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