Why Being Honest in my Posts is Important

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Somebody asked me the other day why I am honest in my posts. I was taken aback and ask them to elaborate. They said they don’t understand how I’m so honest in my posts and why I chose to be. They ask if I missed my privacy. I told them I wanted to answer their questions in a blog post, so this post is my promise to do just that.

I want to start by answering the privacy question first. I don’t see it the way this person sees it. Anything I post in a blog post or a video is my choice to do so. In other words, I put thought into every post. If something is super private and I don’t want to share it I simply don’t. I have always used this philosophy on my personal social media before I started blogging and creating content. I value my privacy so I’m not willing to compromise it. What I post is never a compromise to my privacy. I don’t miss my privacy because I still have it.

The next question I want to answer is why I choose to be honest in my posts. The answer is simple. I want to help other people overcome their own challenges in life and I can’t do that if I’m not honest about my own. Honesty in my post is something I knew I would need to do every time. It never occurred to me not to be honest. If I want my story and content to matter and reach as many people as possible honesty is crucial. I hope my answers to these questions help other bloggers and content and creators to make honest content resonates with people.

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