Learning How to be Healthy and Well Part 6

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I haven’t written on this topic in a while because I had no updates to share. I do now. The last several months have been difficult for my immediate family. We have had to deal with lots of medical issues (not me I’m fine). Those bring with them stress and an ease of slipping into bad health habits. It’s difficult to be healthy when it feels like a fight to get through every day. Being healthy is literally the last thought on your mind in times like that. A week and a half ago I decided to make some changes. They are below in no particular order.

  1. Give myself a break: I am my own worst critic. I try to remind myself that every day is another chance to be and do better for my well being and let my lapses go.
  2. No soda and instead lots more water
  3. Half and half iced tea when I go out instead of full sweet. My body can’t handle artificial sweetener. At home I drink iced tea with very little sugar
  4. More fruits and vegetables in my diet
  5. No junk food
  6. Do a better job at managing my stress
  7. More frequent exercise
  8. May attention to portion sizes

I hope my changes help motivate you all to live healthier lives because it is part of the way we care for ourselves. We all deserve to be as healthy as possible. I will write more posts as I go along.

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