Why Listening to Your Instincts is Important

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I want to talk about something that has served me well with all of you. Trusting your instincts. I don’t think this is talked about enough. If you feel like something is wrong, as in you get a bad vibe in a certain situation, you are probably correct. Having one of those feelings is your body’s way of trying to protect you. Your body is telling you to leave that situation immediately. It is important when you get bad vibes from a situation to OK take yourself out of that situation immediately.

I think we’re all born with this instinct. We are just taught not to listen sometimes for the sake of being polite or agreeable. It’s important to hone this skill to protect yourself. How do you do that? The first way you cultivate those skills is to listen to your body. If you are in a situation and you get a knot in your stomach, your breathing becomes labored, your palm starts sweating, and a tingle of fear creeps up the back of your neck take yourself out of that situation immediately.

 It is also important to have people in your phone you can call when you are in a situation like that to come get you if need be. It is also important to have the number for law enforcement in your phone in case you need professional assistance getting out of a situation. I want you all to know that getting yourself out of a high risk or dangerous situation is not something you ever have to apologize for. It is self-preservation. I hope my talking about this helps keep you all safe in unsafe situations.

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