Why the Healing Power of Music is Important

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I have been feeling uninspired lately. That is hard for me to admit. Inspiration is so important for the work I do now that being honest about feeling uninspired feels a little uncomfortable to say the least. Being honest is also important in the work I do so I just I’m going to be honest. I did not want to give you all a less than stellar blog post, so I worked on finding inspiration to write. Inspiration showed up. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a live stream ticket to Switchfoot’s show in Nashville. The show was on Friday night.

As I sat listening to so many of the songs that had become part of my soundtrack, something started to happen. A smile, a genuine one, started to make its way onto my face. Then I started to sing along letting music do what it had always done for me. What is that you ask? Break me open to put it succinctly. All the emotions I have been trying to force down came out in the form of tears. I was letting some stuff go. This feels good I thought.

The longer I sat there, I got the inspiration for this post and felt myself filling up with inspiration for more than just one blog post. I got reminded of something again, but I’ve known since I was a little girl: music heals the people it touches. Music is medicine. My granny was a firm believer in that truth, and she passed her belief on to me.  I just forgot for a little while.

I want to thank Switchfoot for writing songs that matter and for reminding me that music is medicine. The guys also reminded me, that music has the ability to heal if I’m just open to it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and for letting us all sing along feeling lighter in the process. I hope this blog post motivates you all to go listen to your favorite music turned up loud and maybe go see a show when you have the opportunity because there’s nothing quite like live music even watching it through a computer screen.

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