Why Sara Bareilles’ Music is Important to Me

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In early 2008, I was in the mall and decided to go in the music store. Once in the door I heard a voice I wanted to know more about immediately. An album was playing over the speaker, and I loved the voice. I asked the employee at the counter if he knew who was singing. He told me he didn’t. A bit frustrated I left the store I knew when I got home, I do research to find out who is singing. I did. It was a new artist named Sara Bareilles. Once I knew who she was I listened to a preview of the record. when I finished, I purchased her record.

When it came that record became my soundtrack for quite a while. I loved her artistry and her honesty. It felt like talking to an old friend. It also felt like she was climbing around in my head to write songs. From then on, I was a huge fan. I have every record of hers as well as her book. Her honest artistry and exceptional talent still leave me in awe. Sara has an uncanny ability to soothe my frayed edges. Her voice relaxes me as well. Sara’s music is definitely part of my musical medicine soundtrack.

Sarah makes me feel like my story matters and will help people. If she can write songs that touch people in a profound way surely, I can write blog posts and make content they do the same. Her artistry gives me courage. Thank you, Sara, for helping me find my courage in my own “Little Voice.” Thank you for your artistry and please know you are enough and loved just the way you are.

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