Why the Words Crazy and Beautiful are Important in my Life

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Beautiful is self-explanatory. There is beauty everywhere in life. Just look out your window sometime if you need reminding. Crazy, on the other hand, means many things. Insanity comes to mind. We’re taught to believe insanity is bad thing. What if it’s not? What if the crazy is absolutely the best part of life we can embrace? I’m convinced it is. Here I mean embracing the stuff that doesn’t make any sense to the logical part of my brain. Because I embraced what doesn’t make any sense, I gained a chosen brother and journey partner.

Our kind of crazy is entirely based on what we cannot see. In other words, on faith. The fact it is based on faith does not make it any less real or true. It is very much both. This blog, its socials, and the life I’m creating, now, would not exist without our kind of crazy. It would not exist without my chosen brother/journey partner either.

His constant belief in me got me here as did my faith. My chosen brother/journey partner told me for years I should write a book about my life because it would help people. Yeah, he knew before I did. God used him as the vessel to plant the seed. I was terrified. God and he knew that, so they patiently waited for me to be ready. We kept talking about it. Then in September 2019 I felt God saying to my heart, “You’re ready, my child. Just trust me and go do it.” I did, but the book became this blog, so I could control the content because I own it. Blogging allows me the ability to look back on my life and go forward as well. Forward, in this case, means I can write about my life as stuff happens if I so choose. I hope this post motivates you to know anything is possible with faith and a willingness to try.

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