What I’m Grateful For on Thanksgiving 2022

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I want to wish all my followers in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Please celebrate safely. This year I find myself even more grateful than usual. This has been a very rough year for my blood family and I. In some ways, it feels like this year went by in the blink of an eye. Simultaneously it feels like this year was extra long because of how much metaphorical rain was in the lives of my blood family and I. I have much to be thankful this, and every, year my list is below and is in no order.

  1. Grace and the forgiveness I don’t deserve that comes with it.
  2. My God given gifts that become more in focus and stronger every day
  3. My blood family
  4. My chosen family
  5. My friends
  6. Coming opportunities/open doors (more on all the stuff coming at a later date. Just know I’m excited for all of it)
  7. All of you for being here and for your support and encouragement of my work. You make this blog what it is. I appreciate you all more than I can articulate.

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