Learning How to be Healthy and Well Part 7

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If you have read this blog regularly, you are aware the last few months have been very difficult for my family and I. Such circumstances are not conducive to taking care of myself well. It is much too easy to try to take care of everybody else and not myself. Last week I started not feeling the best and knew I had to make changes for my health, wellness, and self care. The changes I am making are below. My hope is by sharing these changes with you all it will motivate each of you to make changes to take better care of yourselves as well.

  1. Getting plenty of sleep and rest
  2. Cutting way back on carbonated drinks drinking water, iced tea, and cranberry juice instead for the sake of my kidneys and bladder. I am prone to infections of my urinary tract because of my condition.
  3. When stressed and upset I often forget to drink and eat regularly so being mindful of that is important to help prevent blood sugar drops which can cause migraines for me.
  4. Eating enough protein to help with number three as well
  5. Eating enough protein makes sure my hemoglobin stays within normal range as well and I do not become anemic

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