Yet Even More Tips to Keep You and Those You Love Safe From Scammers

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Today has been a tough day. I’ve been the target of scammers all day. I’ve spent my day learning how to make my online life safer. I thought I would share what I’ve discovered with you all. The tips and tricks are below.

  1. Report imposter accounts on social media
  2. Check all your privacy settings and make them stronger on all devices and accounts
  3. Google yourself regularly
  4. Block all imposter accounts on social media
  5. Don’t accept message requests from ANYONE who makes you uncomfortable
  6. Delete any apps that make you uncomfortable
  7. Block anyone that makes you uncomfortable
  8. Set up filters for your email when scammers get a hold of it
  9. Check your phone’s privacy settings and strengthen for each app

I hope these tips help you all feel safer. As I learn more tips I will share them with you all.

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