How to Overcome Self Doubt

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Last week was a rough week both physically and mentally for me. What I want to share with you all the mental struggle I experienced last week. As a so called weird kid, confidence in myself has was hard to come by. However, moving out of my hometown, going to college, and meeting people who encouraged me to be myself helped with my self confidence. What really helped is starting this blog and telling my story through blog posts and reels I create. Having you all connect with my story motivates me to be myself more than anything else. However, self doubt crept in last week. The why is not important. What is important is what I am doing to overcome my self doubt. I want to share these tips with all of you so next time self doubt plagues you all you can use them to help. These are in no order below:

  1. Journaling my feelings is helpful. Nobody sees my journal but me so I do not have to filter my feelings
  2. Talking through my feelings with the people who love me
  3. Talking to a professional, sometimes, helps as well for other coping mechanisms. I prefer to have sessions online rather than in person. I also prefer to talk with a woman than a man.
  4. Prayer
  5. Continuing to make content for you all helps me work through my feelings
  6. Helping somebody else helps me

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