Wisdom From Younger Me: How to Make the World Better? Be Me + Tell my Story

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Yesterday was a purposely slower, calmer, day. After last week, it was really needed. Before the Super Bowl a couple of hours were spent listening to podcast episodes. Yesterday, it was Glennon Doyle’s: We Can Do Hard Things podcast. Both the episodes, I listened to made me emotional. I will talk about why both impacted me so much in time. The episode with Sara Bareilles inspired what follows. If you have been following this blog for a while you know I love Sara as a musician, song writer, writer, and person. When she writes: it often feels like she gave voice to my thoughts. Her thoughts on the podcast episode did the same.

Sometimes, I wonder what my younger self would think of the person I am now. Would she believe where I am? Maybe…maybe not. Would she believe who I am? I do not know. Sometimes, I cannot. Even now. It blows my mind, in the best way. I should have died, multiple times, in my life, should be bitter, and angry. I should not have any more fight in me.

However, I am not any of those and I do so have so much more fight inside than I thought possible. If I could talk to my younger self: I would tell her to not be afraid, never give up, and she’s going to be so much more than okay. What I am discovering is my younger self is inside me. She has not gone anywhere. I take her with me everywhere I go, and she helps me to remember my steadfast belief I can do anything I set my mind to and make the world better simply by being myself and telling my story.

I am learning the remarkable part about fight, just like love, is it never runs out. There is always more if we are willing to dig and find it within.  I am living, breathing, singing, talking, standing, thriving, proof that miracles are real. Weeks like last week, that is what I remind myself and hang onto. I thought somebody else might need the reminder as well which is why I wrote these words today.

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