Why I am a Miracle Who Thrives

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I have done some research to hopefully understand my condition a bit better. There are no CP specialists, so when I want to understand something about my condition research is my first thought due to my academic training. What I found out is fascinating, at least to me, so I thought I would share what I found out with all of you. The part (s) of my brain that are damaged control both learning and speech. No wonder doctors are floored that I can both speak and learn well given my involvement. I am a literal miracle. My doing what I can do is God at work and tells me God has big plans for me.

I was never in special education classes not for even a day. Graduating 83rd in my class of nearly 500 meant not only did I apply to college, I was accepted,  did well, and have multiple degrees in political science. All my best friends that now make up my chosen family are able-bodied. It was once suggested that I would never have “normal” friends. My friends that make up my chosen family are not normal.

They are extraordinary people who love me when I am anything but loveable. That is what is so special about choosing to be family. Loving each other is a choice not a requirement due to sharing DNA. My chosen family supports me even when I do not ask for their support. Often I will dig in my heels pretending I do not need them to help and support me. They know me and understand I am just stubborn to a fault. I treasure my independence as well which they understand too. The fact is:  if you know me well I am an easy read. My eyes and/or silence will tell you everything I cannot or will not. When that happens, my siblings will sit on the phone with me until they get me to talk. I love and appreciate them all more than I can express.

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