How Criticism Motivates me to be my Most Authentic Self

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My world changing is not loud. My resistance is quiet. I do not yell much…only sometimes usually through tears. My preferred method of processing and making the world better is to write how I feel in my journal first eventually turning it into a blog post. Also, sometimes, I turn how I feel into a video that is personal and universal at once.  All my content is never about politics even though I have multiple degrees in political science. There are more than enough political pundits and politics bloggers already. I do need or want to add to that extremely partisan, intense, dialogue/discourse.

My content is about making the world better through my life and story every day. I know what it is like to be invisible and used as a prop to make someone feel better or look better. Neither of those situations are fun. In September 2019 with the launch of my blog: I took my power back by telling my story myself. Nobody else will create content for anything blog/social media related but me. I love the person I am becoming too much to hand anyone else the ability to tell my story or speak for me ever again.

My chosen family and I have worked very diligently to get me to a place where telling my story was even in the realm of possibility. I have changed and I am daily because I am becoming more myself. It is not wrong or bad: it is so right. Younger Stacey is watching in scared awe, but she does not need to be scared anymore. Grownup Stacey has her hand and will keep her safe. My chosen family will help me keep grownup me safe and help me keep being brave. I just wanted to share because I keep hearing how I have changed. It is not a compliment, but I am more than okay with it. The changes in me feel too good, true, and right not to be all those.

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