Why Gratitude is Important to Faith Helping to Overcome Fear

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I have come to the realization that “thank you” are the two most powerful and useful words we have at our disposal besides I love you. The minute I started saying thank you to God/Jesus/ everybody who l love/matters to me when they needed to hear it: crazy/beautiful pieces started to fall in place; dots connected in terms of my half of the crazy/beautiful journey. I started feeling calmer. Thank you, even when stuff is difficult, matters.

The enemy detests thank you. Learning to say thank you, even in difficulties, means we are learning the game he is playing and becoming wiser to his tricks. When I decided to change my life and the direction of my work, a few years ago, or so I thought: I had to remember to say thank you to God and Jesus even on the days when no one showed up to read what I had to say. There were a lot of those days, honestly. I kept praying, remembering gratitude, and trusting my half of the crazy beautiful Journey when nothing else made sense.

As I started to make video content as well, it was another exercise in stepping out on faith and the power of gratitude. It still is. Writing blog posts and making video content is not always comfortable for me. Doing both requires vulnerability and putting myself out there publicly, by telling my story, and that still feels scary at worst, or uncomfortable at best, sometimes. Fear tends to creep in as do doubts when I feel those emotions.

Those emotions are the enemy’s way of trying to get me to stop doing what is my purpose…or part of it (announcement(s) coming later this year on how the other part of my purpose fits in with blogging/content creation. Stay tuned y’all). I share this with all of you in the hopes of helping other people who feel like they do not know their purpose or feels like they should make a change in their life.

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