Love, Faith, and Together are the ways to Solve Problems

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I rarely share my political views with anyone. Some of you are confused most likely. Are you not trained in political science? Yes, but there is too much divisiveness in this world without my adding to it. I am interested in finding common ground, which I believe is possible if we just try. That is a hill I will live and die on. I believe in love more than anything else. I will talk about my faith as much as I can because that is the ultimate story of love. I value knowledge, science, and medicine as well.  I would not be alive without all three of those. I do not see things as mutually exclusive. I am more curious than I have maybe (ever) been.

Reading and learning is vital to me. It is how I become the best version of myself in all aspects of my life. Reading and learning is part of how I figure out how to thrive with CP, too. I do not want to hear the US and this world is out of hope, common ground, tolerance, and love. I stand ready to prove it is not. I want you all to take my outstretched hands and stand with me too. I do not intend to waste the gift of my life…EVER.

Do we have work to do in the US and world? You bet we do, but I believe what I described is attainable. I will spend every breath I have working to make it reality. It can be done because I believe in the goodness of people. I believe in we the people…not politicians.  We just must try and if we try there is nothing we cannot do and no problem we cannot solve…together.

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