My Life and Work are a Journey of Faith

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My blogging/content creation work has God’s fingerprints all over it. I had no idea I used the word thriving to refer to how I deal with my CP. It was not conscious. It is just what I try to do. My chosen brother/journey partner kept gently pushing and encouraging until I decided to try writing my story down for the world to read. The book he thought I should write became a blog instead. In addition to writing two blog posts a week, I also post daily videos on my blog’s Instagram account.  

My blog posts and videos keep touching people just like he told me the book about my life would. I called my blog what I did, on purpose; because there are other options, sure, but none of those are productive ways to live. They do not honor the miracle of my life, anybody who loves me, or my potential. Thriving is the only way I can deal with my condition properly.

Thank you, brother for continuing to push me beyond what I think I can do. You handle my stubbornness and fear like it is easy. I know it is not. I’m so blessed that you see what I cannot… in this instance years before it was even a possibility. This answers the question how you cannot fight with your best friends who became family. If you always approach your relationships from a place of love and respect: it is easy. We disagree, sometimes, but we never fight because we are family. My chosen brother/journey partner and the rest I get to choose to call family are my insides. Thriving without them? It is just not possible. God put us in each other’s lives and made us family. I know that is the truth! I love y’all and I hope I make y’all as proud of me as I am of all of you, daily. Being your sister by choice and Godly design is the privilege of my life. Let us go continue to make the world better, together, y’all!

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