Why Making Adjustments to be my Healthiest is Important

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If you have been following along with my blog posts since November of last year, you know I rededicated myself to be my healthiest. Last year was the most difficult year of my life and in going through that I did not make taking care of myself a priority for quite a while. In November, I realized I must. Making changes to my diet and regular exercise were the first two changes I made. Adjusting along the way is a part of being my healthiest. Last week, I made some adjustments to my eating habits I want to share with you all. I made these adjustments for me.   

Well-meaning people who I love very much told me I would never be as healthy as I want to be with the challenges of my condition. Those terribly hurtful, ugly comments, spurred my steely determination. It was as if someone flipped a switch in my mind deciding to take a negative and make a positive with a little bit of an “oh really just watch me do what you say I cannot” attitude as well. I do not do well with being told I cannot. Using anger and frustration in a healthy way to prove people wrong is my specialty. I have had to prove people wrong my entire life.

The changes I made to my eating habits are below in no order. I hope they help everyone who reads this be their healthiest and understand how to take hurtful, ugly comments and use them to as fuel to be your best self.

  1. No carbonated sugar filled drinks (my body does not process artificial sweeteners well). I had cut way back on carbonated, sugar filled, drinks, before now, for anyone interested.
  2. No white bread or rice: wheat bread and brown rice instead
  3. No unnecessary carbs. One piece of wheat bread instead of two with breakfast for example
  4. Very limited fried food
  5. No junk food for snacks (a habit) when hungry: fruit/vegetables with healthy vinaigrette dressing for dipping/granola instead
  6. Reading labels/websites to know what I am eating and swaps I can make
  7. Bump up the flavor on everything I eat so I still feel satisfied: salsa, herbs, spices, and citrus are all great ways I have found to increase flavor
  8. Make sure I eat enough lean protein

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