Awareness of Technology Usage is Important for Full, Beautiful, Life

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Last year, changed me in a irrevocable ways. One of the most obvious is the change in my relationship with technology. I was not proud or happy with the way I was using technology most of last year. Asking myself what changes I needed to make so my relationship with technology was something I was happy and proud of again was difficult. A lot of people that I love and are important to me live far away from me. I did not want those relationships to suffer because of the changes I knew I had to make.

A happy medium must be somewhere I thought. Then I could hear my chosen brother/ journey partner. We have had discussions about happy mediums in every aspect of our lives many times. He calls the happy medium the sweet spot. It made me smile because I knew the relationships that were important to me would not change simply because I was adjusting my technology usage.

Adjusting my technology usage is a big part of my health, wellness, and wholeness journey. It is also one of the main ways to show myself care. Realizing I was overthinking again, I needed to take a breath, and give myself a break. That is what I did I want to share the changes I made with you all in hopes they will help anyone who reads this and is working on adjusting their relationship with technology as well.

  1. Deleting never used apps off my phone
  2. Deleting apps that drain my time/energy off my phone, so I can focus on being the best version of myself and my work
  3. Deleting contacts that are a part of my past from my phone
  4. Being intentional about social media usage: using it for just the purpose of this work, largely, so my creativity stays front and center. It helps me remember to not compare myself to others as well
  5. Turning my phone on silent while working/eating meals/having face to face conversations: this allows me to be more intentional and present as well
  6. Keeping my phone in my pocket during number 5 instead of on my desk/table

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