Important Lessons I’m Learning on the Way to be my Best Self

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I am trained as a political scientist and love studying how governmental institutions are supposed to work versus how those institutions do. Another aspect of studying politics that I am passionate about and find endlessly fascinating is how the people in governmental institutions work with each other within an institution and with those in other institutions in government. In other words, the behavior of people in governments.  

My other job is this work: telling my story to the world through blog posts and videos on this blog’s Instagram. I am working on combing both of my jobs to create a life I love that is fulfilling because that life requires me to use all my God given gifts to make the world better. I am also a woman who often feels like a toddler. My teen years were difficult to put it mildly. I went to college feeling liberated and terrified simultaneously. I learned much more than just political science.  An awful lot about love, the smoke screen of what I thought was love, and self-acceptance (flaws, CP, and all). Neither political science nor life learning stopped with each diploma hanging on the walls of my apartment.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the last year+ is to stop trying to live up to a certain standard of beauty from retailers/society. In addition, trying to live up to the expectations of anyone on this planet of what it means to be a woman in the world. I am concerned with becoming my most faith filled, healthiest, whole, healed, self. That is the journey I am on and documenting for you all as I go. I am humbled and thrilled to have each of you come on this journey with me, so I can help and motivate as many people as possible to be their best version no matter what that journey looks like for each of you.

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