How to Cultivate the Best Possible Environment For Being Creative

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Creativity is essential for every writer, blogger, content creator, musical artist, or artist. I want to share with you all how I keep my creativity front and center. Writing two blog posts a week and creating seven videos a week for this blog’s Instagram requires my creativity is constantly flowing. To be honest, when I first began blogging, I was told I might run out of ideas to write about. I was asked what would happen if I did. My response was I will not run out of topics to write about. Hoping I was right the question lingered in the back of my mind, however. What if I do run out of topics to write about one day.

You cannot think you will, or you might I scolded myself. Remember your content is your life story and because it is you will never run out of ideas. What I told myself was true, but when I upped blog posts to twice a week and videos to six then seven days a week I knew the truth of my self pep talk was about to get a thorough test. In order to sustain such a large increase in content: I knew I needed to create an environment where I felt creative constantly. I share the changes I made to facilitate such an environment below in hopes that they might help my fellow bloggers, writers, and other creatives.

  1. Keep my phone on silent and in my pocket when I am writing blog posts/updating my lists of ideas/working on any other creative tasks for the blog except for videos for the blog’s Instagram. I must use my phone to create those daily
  2. Watch as little news as possible. I read multiple papers daily before and after work to make sure I stay informed but watching the news is not conducive to my creativity
  3. Limit my social media usage: No mindless scrolling. It is a difficult habit to change, but it has been so helpful. Mindless scrolling on social media is a determinate to my creativity not to mention my time and energy. I do check the blog’s social media pages, daily, but just twice a day, now instead of seemingly constantly
  4. Work with inspiration in the background daily. For me inspiration includes: my favorite music and movies. In addition, audiobooks have become a go-to for inspiration while working
  5. Make time to meditate and exercise daily because when I do my stress decreases and my creativity increases
  6. Limit mindless surfing of the Internet for the same reasons I limited my social media usage. In addition, limiting social media and Internet usage allows me to be more present when I am not working

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