Why Perseverance is Important in Life

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Perseverance is a key ingredient to get through life well. I have had a day where my ability to keep going even when there is obstacles and challenges in my way came in very handy. Today was one of those days where everything seemingly went wrong. I had to keep reminding myself of something my math tutor/favorite teacher used to tell me often in high school. “There is always more than one way to do things. If one way does not work, try another way.” She has no idea how often I hear her words in my head and put her advice to good use. Today was one of those.

I had to make an appointment to get a technical issue resolved with my printer (which is brand new and honestly should not have a technical issue). I thought making an appointment for technical assistance would be a breeze. I thought wrong. After several tries, I had to chat with a Technical Support person on my phone to make the appointment. This is a completely ridiculous unnecessary development because every time before now I had a technical issue, I needed resolved with I set up the appointment myself on their website.

Today has reminded me why I was given perseverance and the stubborn streak to help me get through life well. They are both completely necessary. Life is difficult no matter who you are. The most important thing we can do is to never give up and persevere through our trials and tribulations. I have also been reminded today that every difficult day means more beautiful days are coming. We must have difficult days, in life, to appreciate the days where we look around and say today has been close to perfect. If life were easy all the time, we would take it for granted. Difficult days and the perseverance it takes to get through those difficulties give us the ability to appreciate and be grateful for what we have all the more. Being able to reset my own perspective today by telling myself what I just wrote for all of you is when I knew I had to share about my day and why perseverance is so important for getting through life well.

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