How to Overcome A Difficult Day with CP


Yesterday I had a CP flare up. I had been feeling good lately, but I know these flare ups are a part of my life. Yesterday I struggled to make my daily video for this blog’s Instagram. When I got done posting the video, it was a relief. I always smile in my videos and yesterday I was in so much pain from a muscle spasm that smiling was difficult. However, I learned a long time ago to deal with the pain that sometimes comes from having my kind of CP.

After I finished my video for the day, I took half of a doctor prescribed muscle relaxer and got sleep. I have not had any muscle pain today. That development is welcomed. You all might be curious if I was aware I was going to have a flare up yesterday. The answer is no. Sometimes, I do know because my muscles feel extra tight on a particular day, and I will have a headache as a symptom. The headache is a migraine. None of these symptoms were present yesterday. The flare up just happened.

As much as I do my best to manage the symptoms of my CP daily, there are days that are just difficult physically for me with no warning. Thriving with CP means that I am strong. Learning to adjust as I go is also something at which I am good. I often ask my body to cooperate with me when I have challenging days. It helps me to compartmentalize my CP from who I am as a person. Such compartmentalization works for me. Once I compartmentalize what is happening in my body as something I can manage, I can go about living my life as I normally would.

Sometimes, thriving requires me to admit that I need to take a doctor prescribed half a muscle relaxer to get my tone back to manageable levels. I do not share details of yesterday for pity, but to show you all that thriving with CP is not easy, a choice, but possible. Sharing details of difficult days with my CP is also a way for me to process my tough days and be honest with all of you.

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  1. Hello…I am proud of you taking it head on, acknowledging the difficulty but not succumbing to it. I have CP as well and take take Baclofen to relax my muscles. Some days CP is more of an impediment than others and it can be dejecting. However, noting that is manageable and does not define us helps.

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