Why Zac Brown Band’s Music is Important to Me


Music is a very visceral experience for me. Before I became a fan of Zac Brown Band, I knew who they were. Being a lifelong Georgian, you cannot not know who Zac Brown Band are. I thought they were talented. I did not get the band until the first single off Jekyll and Hyde. Hearing Loving You is Easy made me want to check out the rest of the album. I did and purchased a copy immediately. I have since purchased several copies to give as gifts. For me Jekyll and Hyde is one of my top 10 most influential albums on me as a person.

Why? First, the varied styles of music on the album really appealed to me because I like all different types of music. For a band to release a record of such varied styles told me of their immense talent and ability. Secondly, the song Remedy. That song stopped me in my tracks. Tears immediately filled my eyes the first time I heard it and not a delicate cry either. I was a sobbing mess. It is one of the most beautiful and important songs I have ever heard and still is. It still makes me teary to hear it, sometimes, even though I have heard it thousands of times now. As soon as I was a fan of the band I went back and bought their back catalogue as well. Just in time for their record Home to drop.

The first single from that album My Old Man left me a sobbing mess too because it perfectly describes my feelings about my paternal grandfather, who the world called Kirk, and I miss every day. As soon as the dates for the welcome home tour were announced I purchased a ticket for my mom and I to see the band in Atlanta. The show happened to fall on Mother’s Day weekend. I could not have planned that weekend any better. That show was a joy because I got to watch my mom let go of her daily responsibilities and worries for a little while and just enjoy. The show was incredible because everybody in the band is at the top of their game and the sound mixers and engineers did such a superb job with the sound, I was able to take my earplugs out about halfway through even with my sensitive ears due to my CP.

Every new Zac Brown Band record makes me happy and excited to hear what they have created in the studio this time. Zac Brown Band is also one of the ways I connect with my mom. Their newest record is always a present for her on the next available holiday or birthday I need a present for her. She loves their records as much as I do. I want to publicly think Zac Brown Band for sharing their gifts with the world and for making so many people happy with their music. For me personally, their music makes difficult days better and thriving with CP easier because their music helps me breathe and sing when my muscles are tight and painful.  I will be forever grateful to the band for sharing their gifts and music with me and the world.

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