How to Turn Negatives into Positives? Live A Full Life

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Someone suggested last week I was accepting my lot in life in terms of my CP. The ugly comments left me stunned and then angry. I needed some time to sort out and process my feelings, so that could turn such a negative experience into a positive. That is how I prefer to live my life: turning negative experiences into positive experiences. What follows is my way of doing just that.

 It would be easy to wallow in self-pity and anger. Yelling and shaking my fist at God for my condition would be easy as well. Giving up would be simple as well. However, I do not take the easy or simple way out of anything in life. I never have. Liking challenges and doing much more than expected of me is my nature as well. Proving people wrong is always a since of accomplishment for me.

 I love living up to my nicknames from my chosen family and working diligently to achieve my goals and dreams. But what people fail to understand is I do not go through life or do anything alone. I have an extraordinary group of people in my life that go through life with me. We do life together not because we are not capable alone, but because it is more comfortable to share the load of life and there is not anything we cannot accomplish, together.  Life is tough, sure, but so am I and because as a collective we are stronger together. That fact means there are endless possibilities for what I am capable of, with and despite, challenges my CP brings. I intend to explore every possibility and live the fullest life possible while I have breath in my lungs and take all of you along on my journey as I do so.

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