How to Overcome the Criticisms of Bullies

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As my audience grows, the bullies and trolls get more frequent as well. Most of the time I must deal with one of these individuals at a time. Earlier this week, there were multiple bullies at once. The comments were personal, vicious, and vile, but not surprising. It is my belief that people are uglier and do their best to tear someone down because they can do so anonymously in several ways via the Internet. No one would ever be that ugly to someone if they had to stand in front of a fellow human and take responsibility for their words, I do not believe.

Being critiqued on my appearance, clothing, choice of hairstyle, and my eyes were hurtful, but I was able to brush them off and even laugh. There are two comments I would like to address. First, I should not go out in public or show my face on social media ever again because it is better for society if I do not. In 2023 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) being law means I and others with physical challenges have the right to go out and be productive members of society. Continuing to live my life to the fullest is what I plan to do not hide because some stranger on the Internet is uncomfortable with my having CP.

Secondly, it was suggested that I deserve to be bullied because I share my life and journey on this blog and its social media accounts. Increasing understanding about my condition and helping give people motivation and insight about how to overcome challenges in their own lives is why I started doing this work. After such a vile comment, I understand this work is crucial and intend to keep working as I have been. No one deserves to have their humanity questioned or disparaged by anyone. By doing this work, I say I am here, and I matter and by blocking those people I say my peace matters as well. By sharing this experience with you all, my hope is that it motivates you to stand up for your humanity when someone bullies any of you.

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