Together Means I Live A Full Life and Thrive

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Let me clear something up and be clear simultaneously: I do not have it all together. I have together. The people who know me best could tell you this better than I, but they will not. The people who know me best are my chosen family. I cannot hide what I am feeling from my chosen family. They know I keep stuff bottled up. Stuff that matters, but I have my journal and my cell to reach out to them when it gets too much.

However, sometimes they reach out to me knowing me better than myself and understanding that I do not want to talk about whatever is bothering me but knowing I will feel better when I do. They sit quietly and wait for me to say whatever is on my mind. Sometimes, my chosen brothers and sisters will ask me what music I am listening to for context into how I feel so they know how to approach the coming conversation. If you know me well: my music selection will let you in on my feelings before I verbalize them.

It may seem like thriving with cerebral palsy is effortless, but it is the furthest thing from effortless. My smile and laughter hide a multitude of challenges most days. If I do not want, you to know what I am feeling and about the challenges I am facing: you will not.  Nothing is easy for me, but nothing worth ever having is. I never give up because that is not an option for me.

However, life is difficult for all of us…not just me. My challenges just happen to be more acute than most because I cannot simply forget them for a while. My challenges make themselves clear in every movement I want my body to perform. I appreciate the kind compliments of having it all together, but it is important you all hear the truth of the challenges of my condition from me, so I can motivate as many people as possible to strive to overcome challenges in their own lives.

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