How to Overcome Writer’s Block Part 3

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Here is an honest confession: the past couple of weeks I have been struggling with writer’s block. It is not that I do not have ideas for you all as far as blog posts go. I do, but I just put too much pressure on myself for them to be perfect and for you all to get value out of them. So today as I was writing another post I was not happy with because it did not flow properly, I decided to tackle my writer’s block head on.

I have decided to share with you all my tips for overcoming writer’s block whether it be for work, school, or a blog post if you are a writer: most likely you will get writer’s block now and then. Below are my tips for combating my writer’s block. I hope you find these helpful.

  1. Do not belittle yourself for having writer’s block. Every writer goes through it at some point.
  2. Free write: sit down and write whatever comes to mind to try to free your mind.
  3. I find reading helpful when I have a difficult time writing. In this case, I gravitate toward fiction books because I can go in a world that is not my own.
  4. Getting my feelings out in my journal is also helpful because I find my writers block is often because I am experiencing too many strong emotions at one time and if I can write about them and organize my thoughts I feel calmer.
  5. If the weather is nice I will go sit either in the sun outside or at my window to soak up some sun.
  6. I will often make myself a cup of coffee so then I can sit and gather my thoughts as well.

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