Why Taking Care of Ourselves is Important

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Last Saturday night I had a very intense seizure. I call them CP spells, but my neurologist always assumed that they were and are seizures. It caught me off guard because of its intensity and the fact that I had not had one in a while. It is my body’s way of telling me to take better care of myself, I think. CP spells feel like my body is on a live wire and every muscle of my body is involved. It feels like static electricity throughout my body causing my muscles to tense up. Both developments are extremely painful.

Usually a headache, like a migraine, precedes one of these. In this case, there was no headache until after. I was in so much pain I was in tears. Coco (my dog) came over to cuddle me until it was over, and I was very grateful for her. After I could catch my breath, I went and started treating the after symptoms with what I know works. I do not drink soda much these days, but I knew the sugar and caffeine would help my nasty, migraine like, headache. I also took some Advil to let my body relax. Calling mom after I had done all that, she suggested a snack too to keep my blood sugar from dropping and making my headache worse.

String cheese and some wheat crackers were my snack of choice because healthier snacks always help alleviate the aftereffects better. After my snack, I went to bed and slept in the next morning because I knew my body needed it. I wish I knew what caused me to have the seizure, but I do not know for sure. I took it as a sign to try and manage my stress better than I had been. Getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of fluids has been my priority this week and I do feel better. Deep breathing and meditation techniques have also been helpful in making me feel better this week. I shared this as a reminder to you all: take care of yourselves. Get plenty of rest and sleep. Keep yourselves hydrated as well and do not be afraid to say no if you find yourself sketched too thin. This is your reminder that none of us can pour from an empty cup.

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