How to Deal With Hate

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When I was in high school a classmate who I also went to church with me said, “You should be put in a bubble and shot so that way nobody else gets hurt.” I remember being stunned. That’s when I first dealt with someone who hated me. I couldn’t make sense of it because this person went to church and was taught about a loving God as much as I was. My brain had no way of reconciling the hate vs loving God and your neighbor.

That experience really colored the way I live my life now. I am careful with my words. I never want to hurt someone on purpose. You will never hear me say or see me write anything discriminatory. I speak up for others who are experiencing bullying/hatred/discrimination. It’s part of the way I showcase my faith. It’s part of how I make the world better. With the rise in hate crimes recently: I’m asking you all to do the same. I am so grateful to each one of you that are a part of this community and the way you treat me. Together we can change the world through our words and actions.

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