Reflections on Why Thriving is Important to Me

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I’m crying happy tears. My personal Facebook page memories, today, remind me my blogging adventure has God’s fingerprints all over it. I had no idea I used the word thriving to refer to how I deal with my CP. It wasn’t conscious. It’s just what I try to do. My chosen brother/journey partner kept encouraging me until I decided to write. The book he thought I should write became this blog instead.

It keeps touching people just like he told me the book about my life would. I called my blog what I did, on purpose; because there are other options, sure, but none of those are productive ways to live my life. They don’t honor the miracle of my life, anybody who loves me, or my potential. Thriving is the only way I can deal with my condition properly. Thank you, brother, for continuing to push me beyond what I think I can do.

You handle my stubbornness and fear like it’s easy. I know it’s not. I’m so blessed that you see what I can’t…years before it’s even a possibility in my mind. Dad says I’ve found my calling. He’s right. Blogging has opened up so many possibilities and doors for me and I’m humbled by it all. You call the growth this blog has experienced as of late my trajectory. You are right, too, it definitely is that as well.

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