My Experience With the First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

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I had to wait until I finished both rounds of antibiotics to even think about getting my first vaccine because my doctor recommended I do so. Last week I started trying to sign up. I tried the Georgia state vaccine sign up website and it was a huge no go. It gave me appointment times hundreds of miles away.

I tried a couple of individual places like Target and my local Walgreens neither had vaccination times available. Then I just googled how to sign up for a COVID vaccine. The CDC came up. I clicked the link. After putting in my zip code I was given a list of places to get vaccinated in my area. I chose my local Walmart and my vaccine was yesterday. I highly recommend using the CDC website to schedule your vaccine because it was so painless.

When you go to get your vaccine I recommend taking everything you normally would to a doctor’s appointment. By this I mean all insurance cards and your state issued ID/drivers license. You’ll probably need those. It’s also a good idea to know your social security number if you are in the US.

I received the Moderna Vaccine. My shot barely hurt at all when I received it and I’ve had no issues today except a sore arm. My next shot is scheduled and I am so grateful. Thank you to everybody who made this possible. I’ll write another blog post after my second shot as well. If you are eligible: please get your shot, so we can all be around people we love again.

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